Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Updates and news

Hey Bloggers! Things have been uber busy at my house the past few days so I'm a little bit behind. Here are our pictures this week:

Mike Bradley at 479.8 pounds - down 6.8 pounds from last week!

Jessi Gribbin at 261 - Down 1 pound from last week!

So now that I am back on track I was really looking forward to getting into the gym and hitting it hard. Well, yesterday I had an appointment at the Podiatrist and my excitement got smothered just a tad. I have problems with chronic in-grown toenails. About 2 months ago I had a surgery on my left big toe to alleviate the problem. I had a follow-up today and - more surgery for me! *sigh* Nothing major - just a minor in-patient surgery but Doc said no more stair climbers, bikes or elliptical for 6 weeks! gym for a week after surgery. I am uber frustrated because we just upped the anty on our work out. Today I walked laps with Mike, but skipped the bike for weight machines that don't involve my feet. I'm hoping this will still help me keep my work-outs going. I tell you, I am one tired girl, and my arms are very sore!

Oh, and thank you so much to the Diner Gals! Your support has been so wonderful and keeps me going. Y'all Rock!!


  1. Jess, don't worry about the surgery. It will just give you more time to concentrate on your core workouts! You guys are doing awesome! Thanks for sharing your journey with us, it's so motivating. :)

  2. I wonder if you could just to some stretching (yoga type). I would love to try Pilates or water aerobics.

  3. Yes- just focus on other areas...I need to start doing some major arm and upper body work! :) There is a pilates excercise called 100' should look it up and try it, it kills me everytime but it's the best low impact ab work I've ever done. And you are on your back for it, so no feet involoved. Keep up the good work!!!